Monday, 11 July 2011

Hidden Hangar Bay: Concept exterior

After looking back to my current work I had come to a conclusion that the scope was a bit to small and not really impressive enough.
So when I had some spare time during the last couple of weeks I designed a background which might suit the hangar bay environment and give it some more bang.

The city environment is much more clean and sophisticated looking compared to the hangar bay which was the intention. I'm playing with the idea is that you've those kind of guerilla style bases hidden in an environment that's dominated by an utopian style civilization.

Below are some picture to show the process. The concept has a dual purpose. I use it to design the environment and it also can serve as background for an impression painting to illustrate the concept of the game.

Note: The gunship is still temporary and will be replaced by a rendered model eventually.

To fit better with the background story, I think I'll relocate the hangar bay to a cave. At the moment it was located beneath the foundations of a building, but it felt a bit contrived and illogical, not to mention that it was not clear at all.

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