Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hidden Hangar bay: Designing the Plane: Part II

The whole concept of the project became a bit more realistic. So, in the second design I used the seaplane featuring in Miyazaki's "Porco Rosso" and combined it with modern turbot jet engines. A couple of years ago, I visited the military aircraft museum in Soesterberg, and one of the most beautiful crafts was the Dornier Do 24K.1 , another seaplane I used for the final design.

I kept the open 2 seater cockpit because I liked the leisure-like quality it added to it. In this design I decided that the whole plane was build by 2 buddies so it would make sense that when it came to flying they would sit next to each other, one pilot and one navigator/gunner.

Reference: Porco Rosso's plane
Reference: "Dornier Do 24K.1" in soesterberg museum
Concept: Plane
Concept: Top View

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