Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hidden Hangar Bay: Gunship and Environment Prototype

These are the first screenshots I made of my portfolio project: "Hidden Hangar Bay". I just had completed the plane, made a rough prototype in maya  and exported it to UDK. I'd already played around with the lights and the water. finding out how to setup the water material and more in particular the reflection proved to be challenging for a someone who's new to the unreal engine.

I like this phase of the project a lot. Because everything is so low-poly it's very easy to play around with composition and (walk) distances. I kept true to the initial concept image, with only some minor changes to make sure it all connects in a logical way and is fluent to walk through. It's always better not to get ahead of yourselves and do everything step by step. Otherwise you might wind up with a beautifully detailed scene, but then have to painstakingly fix some major problems and end up with throwing much work away that could have been avoided.

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